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1 Corinthians: Headcovering and Lord's Supper: The 1 Corinthians 11 Symbolic Church Meeting Observances about the Special Ministries of Women, the Church, and the Lord

The context of 1 Corinthians 11a indicates the Headcovering is a symbolic church meeting observance, like the Lord's Supper in the same chapter, about the church's submission to God-ordained authority and gender roles, which have a huge impact on families, churches, and society. Paul said because the Corinthians observed the Lord's Supper irreverently where "one is hungry and another is drunk, ... many are ... sick among you and many sleep." So what about we who replace the supper with a cracker, the cup with a thimble, and don't observe the Headcovering at all?

"This book was a convincing study for me," Mary Raynor.

Romans: Predestination Is to Glory Not to Faith: Anti-Calvinism & Reformed Theology; Pro-Certainty of Sanctification & Glorification; In Romans 8, Romans 9, & John 6

The Bible says we're predestined to glory, not to faith. Calvinism includes faith in a sequence the Bible never includes it in (e.g. Rom. 8:28-30). The differences between the language of the Bible and Calvinism indicate the errors of Calvinism. This book tries to provide better expositions of the passages that lead godly men to accept Calvinism in the first place, like Rom 8-9, Jn 6, and Eph 1.

"Anyone can write a book, but a book that says something significant is rare. ... This book is a goldmine of information for those looking for answers about predestination and election. ... No stone is left unturned. ... Calvinists will have a difficult time arguing against the information and analysis in this book," Scott Rogers.

Acts: Paul's Decision Making in Acts: Anti-Charismatic, Pro-Jewish Commentary on Acts

Garry Friesen debunked the view that God leads by inward impressions. Paul's decisions in Acts were based on 17 logical principles. He completed Jesus' mission to the Gentiles of the Aegean and the Jews of the diaspora (Is. 49:1, 6). Luke's main message: God's highest purpose is that the Congregation look equally Jewish and Gentile per Eph 1-2. All Paul's epistles were written by Acts 28.

Song of Solomon: Song of Solomon: God Created Sex and Wrote the Manual!

The Song of Solomon," is God's engagement, marriage, and lovemaking manual. Marriage and lovemaking are so important to God that he gave us a whole book about them. The Song of Solomon is the only book in the Bible written entirely from a woman's perspective, Shulamith's, even including some of her thoughts by inspiration of the Spirit of God, though it was written by her husband.

"This book is a treasure!!! I'm so elated I ordered this book!!! ... This book captures God's blessings over marital bliss, lovemaking!!!!! My favorite part is his outline of orders of chapters!! Makes perfect sense now!!!! This book is compact but so powerful!!!!" P. Baugh. "Much insight to the S Of S. I was confused reading Song of Solomon on my own. ... This book was very insightful," D. Gunter.

Acts: Brief History of the Charismatic Movement, Christian Mysticism, and Let-Go-Let-God

The history of the Charismatic Movement, Christian Mysticism, and the Let-Go-Let-God doctrine is the history of misinterpreting the Bible, seeking something more than the Bible, and wanting to something quick and exciting after justification and before glorification, instead of diligently laboring using the new mind to serve and battle. Rom. 7:6, "Now ... we ... serve in newness of spirit."

Romans: Physical and Spiritual Salvation: Justification, Sanctification, Glorification, the Messianic Kingdom, & Ezekiel's Temple in Ezekiel 40-48, Matthew, Romans, & 1 John

Justification and sanctification are spiritual; but resurrection, glorification, and God's workings with Israel are physical. Much misinterpretation of scripture, like that of Reformed Theology, is due to abandoning literal interpretation because of failing to differentiate between spiritual and physical salvation. For example, Romans 1-8a, Romans 12-16, and 1 John, focus on spiritual salvation.

Acts: How to Know the Will of God: Decision Making in Acts

In 1980, Garry Friesen wrote "Decision Making and the Will of God," which debunked the traditional view that God leads by inward impressions into specific will. But Bible teachers continue teach we must hear God's voice to know his will.

1 Corinthians: The Special Ministries of Women: Pro-Headcovering, Pro-Remarriage in 1 Corinthians 11, Song of Solomon, and Jesus' Teaching on Divorce

God created women for special ministries. This book covers the Headcovering of 1 Corinthians 11, a church meeting observance, like the Lord's Supper; the Song of Solomon, God's engagement, marriage, and lovemaking manual; and the one-flesh union, which egalitarianism has made people misinterpret Jesus' teaching about divorce and remarriage, which has resulted in untold amounts of suffering.

Matthew: Matthew: The Rejection of the Messiah and the Change in His Ministry

Contrary to popular belief, the Jews of Jesus' generation didn't reject him because they were expecting a physical kingdom, while he offered a spiritual kingdom. The New Testament makes it clear the reason Israel rejected Jesus was because he rejected the rabbis' oral law. Jesus' ministry changed after the rejection. It's critical to understand this in order to understand the Gospel of Matthew.

Ezekiel: Ezekiel's Temple, the Messianic Kingdom, and Daniel 9: 'Video Tour' of Ezekiel 40-48

In Ezekiel 40-48, God has provided an in-depth, video-like tour of the future Messianic Kingdom temple, and the surrounding city and nation. Foreknowledge of this building gives us a sure hope to all the promises of the Messianic Kingdom in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and throughout the Bible; and to our own physical resurrection and glorification, that will help us endure present sufferings.

"This work, at least in my opinion, is very conscientious and important. ... I hope that the publication of this translation [into Russian] will stimulate Jewish creativity, and in the near future we will see an illustrated Jewish commentary on these chapters," Meir Antopolsky of The Meeting Place, Jerusalem. "Thank you for simply describing it, not giving a sermon. ... What I was ideally searching for, and this was closest, was simply ... a sort of guided tour through [the temple] so we could envision it. This is the best I have seen so far," Lloyds of Rochester.

Acts: Spirit Baptism, Filling, and Gifts in Acts

This book is about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, being filled with the Spirit, and spiritual gifts, including the gift of tongues and speaking in tongues. Much suffering and discouragement can be avoided by a right interpretation of the passages about these things in the book of Acts.

Romans: Romans: All Who Have Been Justified Are Being Sanctified and Will Be Glorified - Guaranteed!

The main proposition of Romans is that all who have been justified, are being sanctified, and will be glorified, because of the way we were justified, by having been joined in union with Messiah, thus sharing in both forgiveness through his death, and the power of his resurrection life. "We were buried with him by [union] into [his] death, so that ... we will also walk in ... [his] life."

Romans: The Golden Chain of Romans 8: Predestination to Glorification

The 'Golden Chain' of Romans 8:28-30 includes 1) foreknowledge, 2) predestination, 3) calling, 4) justification, and 5) glorification. Paul intentionally omits faith from this sequence because predestination is to glorification and sanctification, not to faith. Biblical predestination is about the certainty of God's completion of our salvation through sanctification and glorification.

Romans: Romans 9 - 11: Israel's Predestination to Glory

As in Romans 8, we were predestined to glorification, not to faith; so in Romans 9, Israel was predestined to glorification, not to faith or unbelief. Berkouwer (Calvinist), "Every hesitation about or hidden resistance against the sovereign freedom of God, every form of indeterminism which defends man's cooperation against the divine act, will suffer shipwreck on Romans 9." We shall see!

John: John 6: Predestination to Glory - Come by Faith

This book tries to provide better expositions of a passage that leads godly men to accept Calvinism by paying attention to the under-appreciated detail that the Bible says predestination is to sanctification and glory, not to faith. If I felt this task was already accomplished, I wouldn't have written this book. White (Calvinist), "There is no meaningful non-Reformed exegesis of [John 6:37-45]."

1 John: 1 John: All Christians and Only Christians Walk in Faith, Obedience, and Love - No Exceptions!

John wrote about "the Logos [word, logic] of life" (1 Jn. 1:1), and his method is to use logic. John gives us one formal logic proposition statement after another, often stated both negatively and positively, to prove that "All Christians and only Christians walk in Faith, Obedience, and Love - no exceptions," and that is a tremendous source of joy!

Gospels: Remarriage, Polygamy, and Jesus' Teaching on Divorce: Chastity, Adultery, and the One Flesh Union in the Old and New Testaments

This booklet is about the one-flesh union and its implications for chastity, adultery, polygamy, divorce, and remarriage. Our modern egalitarian culture has caused people to misunderstand the Biblical definition of adultery and Jesus' teaching about divorce and remarriage; which has resulted in untold amounts of suffering over the centuries.

"Detailed exposition of what the Bible actually says about divorce. ... May this generation be the one to awaken to truth," Pete G. Rambo. "Very well thought out defence of Biblical Marriage. Praise God for someone willing to tell the truth!" shaun.

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